Wish list

A Wish List is a list of things that a person desires or hopes to acquire in the future. It is usually created to keep track of items that someone wants to buy, want as a gift, or is planning to save up for.

Wish Lists are typically associated with online shopping, where users can add products to a list they want to purchase in the future. It's a handy feature on e-commerce sites that allows shoppers to bookmark items they like and come back to them later.

However, a Wish List can also be created for non-materialistic things, such as experiences, skills, or goals. In this context, it serves as a motivational tool to remind the person of what they want to achieve or acquire, and ultimately helps them stay focused on what matters most to them.

Why Use a Wish List?

Using a Wish List has several benefits, such as:

  • It helps to organize thoughts and ideas about what someone wants
  • It provides a visual representation of someone's goals, desires, or aspirations
  • It allows a person to prioritize what's important and set realistic goals
  • It can be shared with others to give them an idea of what they might want to get as a gift
  • It helps to reduce impulse buys and avoid overspending
  • It's an enjoyable process that can stimulate imagination and creativity

How to Create a Wish List?

Creating a Wish List is easy and can be done in different ways, depending on the purpose, context, and personal preference of the person.

Here are some steps to create a Wish List:

  • Determine the purpose of the list - Is it for shopping, self-improvement, or gift-giving? Knowing the goal of the list will help determine what items to include and how to organize them.

  • Decide on the format - Wish Lists can be created on paper, in a digital document, or using an online tool. Choose the format that suits the person's lifestyle and convenience.

  • Brainstorm and research - Start by brainstorming all the items that come to mind and then do research to add more options. Don't be shy about adding big-ticket items or items that seem out of reach. That's the point of a Wish List - to dream big.

  • Categorize and prioritize - Group the items into categories (e.g., books, gadgets, travel) and then prioritize the items within each category. This will help the person focus on what's most important and achievable.

  • Share the list (if desired) - If the person wants to share the Wish List with others, they can do so by sending them a link, a PDF copy, or by using a social media platform.


A Wish List is more than just a simple list of things. It's a tool that can help a person organize their thoughts, set realistic goals, prioritize what's important, and ultimately achieve their desires and aspirations. Whether it's for shopping, self-improvement, or gift-giving, having a Wish List can be a fun and satisfying way of envisioning and planning for the future.

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