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Hello developers!

My name is Filippo Conforti. I'm a seasoned engineer with a passion for everything commerce. Over the past 20 years, I have built ecommerce projects of all sizes and complexity for some of the coolest brands. In this publication, I will share everything I have learned (and continue to learn) to help developers around the world become true experts.

Why this publication

Several years ago, I founded Commerce Layer, a headless commerce engine for developers. As of today, my company is considered one of the most promising startups in the headless commerce space, having raised 23 million dollars from top tier venture capital firms (and turned down a nine-figure acquisition offer already).

In designing the data model and functionality of our platform, my co-founder Massimo and I have always strived to keep it as non-opinionated as possible. From scratch, we redefined everyone's understanding of what a product is, what a payment is, what a shopping cart is, and so on. As a result, the Commerce Layer model has evolved as much more than just a commerce API. Instead, it has become a protocol for how commerce works at its most generic level.

My goal with this publication is to retrace the same steps that I have done while building Commerce Layer, article by article. As a developer, you will have the chance to master the basics of commerce from my experience. I will sometimes refer to Commerce Layer as a reference for examples and use cases. However, my content will remain platform agnostic. This publication isn't about my company or product, it's about commerce as a whole. If you would like to know more about Commerce Layer, you can visit our website here.

Why developers

As a developer myself, I really enjoy being surrounded by developers. Further, I believe that developers will continue to play an increasingly significant role as technology continues to influence every aspect of our lives. Knowing a programming language will become as important as knowing how to read and write for our grandparents.

But this isn't a coding publication. My career has taught me that a lot of developers are incredibly good at building apps using React, Vue.js, Svelte, etc. They definitely don't need me to teach them how to code. However, many of those who are serious about ecommerce must fill a gap by acquiring a deeper understanding of the commerce domain. Hopefully, I can fill this gap.

I welcome readers who aren't developers to follow my publication as well, but please be aware that I will often use a tech language and assume you understand how the Internet and the Web work.

How to get started

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