Conversion rate

Conversion rate is a key metric in digital marketing that measures the percentage of website or app visitors who complete a desired action, such as making a purchase, filling out a form, or subscribing to a newsletter.

How to Calculate Conversion Rate

To calculate conversion rate, divide the number of conversions by the total number of visitors, and then multiply by 100.

For example, if your website received 1,000 visitors and 50 of them completed a purchase, your conversion rate would be 5%:

50 (conversions) / 1,000 (visitors) * 100 = 5%

Conversion rate can be calculated for a specific page on a website, a campaign, or an overall performance of a website.

Importance of Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is an important metric in digital marketing as it indicates how effectively a website or app is driving visitors towards the desired action. A high conversion rate means that visitors find the website valuable, relevant, and easy to use, ultimately driving more revenue.

On the other hand, a low conversion rate indicates that the website needs improvement, whether it's in terms of user experience, design, or messaging.

Factors Affecting Conversion Rate

Conversion rate can be affected by various factors, including:

  • Traffic sources: Conversion rate can vary depending on the source of traffic. For example, visitors from search engines may convert at a higher rate than visitors from social media.

  • User experience: A website that is easy to navigate, loads quickly, and provides a seamless checkout experience can increase conversion rate.

  • Offer and pricing: Creating an appealing offer and competitive pricing can encourage visitors to complete a purchase or sign up for a service.

  • Messaging: Clear and concise messaging that highlights the benefits of a product or service can increase conversion rate.


Conversion rate is a critical metric for measuring the effectiveness of a website or app in driving visitors towards a desired action. By understanding the factors that affect conversion rate, businesses can optimize their digital marketing strategy and ultimately improve their revenue.

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